Third Grade Study Skills
Study Skills for Third Graders
     Third grade is the year when a student really has to start studying in order to do well in each subject area.  We talk at school about good study habits.  Listed below are some tips that may be helpful for your child when studying.
  1. Set up a quiet study area for your child.
  2. Plan a study schedule. Don't try to cram everything in the night before a test.
  3. Break studying into manageable chunks. This helps your child remember more information and reduces test stress.
  4. Be flexible. Studying time doesn't always have to be structured.  Try quizzing your child in the car or at dinner. Also, don't let the responsibility fall exclusively on one parent.
  5. Read together. Your child will need to use higher-level thinking skills in order to do well on third grade tests. After you read with your child, discuss the material. Ask your child to summarize what he/she read, identify new or unfamiliar words in the text, or predict what will happen next.