Supply List
Supply List
1.  Crayola Crayons  2 boxes of regular 16 or 24 count
2.  A book bag without wheels
3.  Glue sticks
4.  1 inch white view binder
5.  Art shirt (old shirt for painting)
6.  A 2 pocket plastic/vinyl folder
7.  2 packs wide ruled notebook paper
8.  #2 pencils sharpened
9.  4 single subject wide ruled spiral notebooks in these colors:  yellow, purple, blue, green
10.  4 folders with prongs and inside pockets in these colors:  orange, blue, green, red
11.  yellow highlighter
12.  Pack of multi-colored pens
13.  Pencil box
14.  Pack of copy paper (white or colored)
15.  Fiskar Scissors
16.  Washable markers
17.  Ear Buds (for Ipads)
18.  1 memo pad (3"x5" top spiral binding)
19.  Dry Erase Markers

Other supplies needed:
liquid soap
a box of Kleenex
paper towels
Clorox wipes
a large bag of Skittles or treats for treasure box  (No hard candy)
juice boxes