On the homework sheet, there are five words but on the spelling test there will be ten words.  The other five will be rhyming words.  For example, they may be given the word at but on the spelling test they will have to spell at and hat.  Later in the year, it will also include endings like adding s, ing and ed like the spelling of the word hats.  A sentence or two will be called out for your child to work on writing skills.  These sentences will be for extra credit.  Your child will receive 5 points for each sentence that is correct.  In order to receive full credit, the whole sentence has to be correct including a capital letter, all words spelled correctly since they will be word wall words and correct punctuation.  



         Fun Ways to Study Spelling


  • Rainbow words- write in one color first, then trace several times with other colors
  • Scrambled words- parents scramble word and child unscrambles the word
  • Hangman
  • Newspaper Letters-Use newspapers or magazine letters to spell words
  • Large vs. small- Write the word as large as you can than as small as you can
  • Write them on a chalkboard, dry erase board or magnadoodle
  • www.spellingcity.com- website to study the weekly spelling words (Click on Find a List, type in Shari Davis, click her name beside Pikeville, NC and then click the week from the homework sheet)
  • ABC order- Write spelling words in ABC order
  • Type your words-change the font
  • Write sentences with your spelling words
  • Chant them out loud in different voices and actions
  • Medium writing- Write your words in sand, paint, mud, rice or other type of medium
  • Write the words in air
  • By the color-Write vowels in red and consonants in blue
  • Spelling Detective-Look in the paper for your spelling words and circle them when you find them
  • Back Spelling-Write your spelling words on someone else’s back with your finger