Weekly Homework



Math: Please practice math facts 2-3 nights a week

Spelling: Please practice spelling words for spelling test on Fridays.

Reading: Please read 20 minutes each night.  Weekly Reading Passage 

Websites for math: www.xtramath.org                                                                       www.mobymax.com


ABC Order

Write the first 10 spelling words in ABC order.


Practice Test

Have someone give you a practice spelling test. 

Phonics Party

Write the first 10 words in your best writing. Go back and highlight the phonic pattern.

Go to www.spellingcity.com, find your teacher’s name and play 2 games to practice your words.

Boxing Words

Spell your words out loud. For each consonant punch the air and for each vowel kick.


Rainbow Write

Write each spelling words using at least 3 different colors


Missing Vowels

Write the spelling words leaving a blank for all the vowels.

bl__ck black

l_st list 

Vowel Highlight

Write each word in your best writing. Go back and highlight the vowels.


Dotted Letters

Write spelling words 2 times each with dots on the end of each letter.


Singing Words

Practice spelling your words by singing the letters as you spell it.



Pyramid Words

Spell each of your words just one letter at a time so you make a pyramid.






Choose 5 spelling words. Write a long and strong sentence with each word.