Classroom Expectations

In class, I want to focus and what we can do!

Ours Classroom Expectations
S - Stay Safe
O - Obey Rules
A - Act Responsibly 
R - Respect Everyone

 We do sometime make the wrong choice and when that happens there are consequences.

In our classroom this year we are using a ladder chart.  With the ladder chart students have the opportunity to move up/down the ladder base on their effort and behavior. Our ladder has 7 levels example below:


Great Choice

Good Choices

Ready to Learn


Parent Contact

       Each day all children will begin on Ready to Learn, during the day students will move up or down the chart based on their choices in class.  Ready to Learn is where we want all students to be throughout the day students will move up or down the ladder based on behavior and effort.  At the end of the day student will mark the color they ended the day inside his/her behavior calendar. If student is in red parents will be contacted either by note, email, phone call depending on the behavior.

We are using this ladder to encourage positive behavior, by giving students the chance to turn a unwanted behavior into a positive behavior.  It also gives us the opportunity to acknowledge students who are following the rules and making GREAT choices.

We will also be using class dojo, this helps you keep up with your child's behavior. Class dojo is also a great way for us to 
communicate..You can message me and I can send messages to you too.

Rewards: Verbal praise, stickers, treats, etc.