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Word Work Homework Choices

Each day you have choices of how to complete your word work homework. You must write your missed words from last week’s test each night AND do one of the choices each day, Monday-Thursday nights. You will  turn your notebook in on Friday for a grade. Please DO NOT waste paper.  Each night should not take up a whole page.  Draw a line under one night and do the next night under it.  Please do not skip pages and remember to use the backs of the pages.  Our notebooks will last a lot longer that way.

Monday: If you have missed words from last week, write those words three times each correctly. AND…

1. Make flashcards of your words. (These must be put in the envelope in your wordwork notebook to be turned in on Friday.)


2. Write your words in cursive two times each.

Tuesday:If you have missed words, write them three times each correctly. AND…

1. Write sentences with each of this week’s words.

(Sentences must be atleast five words long, be capitalized and punctuated correctly and must make sense.)


2. Write a definition for each of this week’s words.

(The definitions may be in your own words or from a dictionary.)

Wednesday: Write missed words three times each correctly. AND…

1. Make a word search with your words from this week. Circle all of you words to show where they are located. (You may write it or use a computer.)


2. Choose five of your words to sketch pictures showing the meaning of your word. For example, for the word “store” I might draw a picture of Walmart.  There should be a separate small picture for each word.

Thursday: Write missed words three times each correctly. AND…

1. Allow your parents or older family member to give you a practice test.  (This test must be in the word work notebook and must be checked and signed or initialed by the parent))


2. Write each one of your words 5 times each.

***If you put effort into each night of activities, you will be ready for the test!  Do your best, always!