Classroom Expectations


The design of these expectations correlates with the school-wide expectations based on the acronym, SOAR.  

S - Stay Safe

1. Sit properly.

2. Keep materials organized and off of the floor.

3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

O - Obey Rules

1. Listen carefully to all instructions.

2. Follow all directions and procedures.

3. Obey the first time you are asked to do something.

A - Act Responsibly

1. Always do your best.

2. Stay Busy.

3. Keep up with and turn in assignments.

R - Respect

1. Keep a productive noise level.

2. Honor others when they are speaking.

3. Treat others the way that you want to be treated.

We will spend time in class discussing and practicing these expectations, but it would also be very beneficial to go over these with your child at home.  I will document your child’s behavior and work habits daily in their planner and on ClassDojo.

Behavior Plan

Each day, every student will start their day with a smiley face stamp in their planner, on ready to learn on the classroom behavior chart and with +1 Dojo point.  It is up to them to keep it there.  When you see their planner that night, if their smiley face is intact, they have been successful in behavior or just had a warning.  If their smiley has been crossed out and Dojo points were lost, they either had a work habit or behavior incident that day.  If their smiley is crossed out, there will be an explanation written above it.  If they go above and beyond in work habits that day, it will also be noted on their planner and additional points will be added on Dojo.

Sequence of Behavior/Work Habits Rewards and Consequences

Soaring Eagle - +4 pts. and group points given

Great Day - +3 points and group points given

Good Day - +2 points and group points given

Ready to Learn - +1 pt.

Verbal Warning

Think About It - Loss of Smiley Face and -1 pt.

Lose a Privilege -Behavior Reflection Sheet and -2pts

Parent Contact - PBIS Form and -3pts.

Parent Conference -4pts.

Office Referral -5 pts

This process starts over each day with a clean slate.

In cases of extreme behavior, steps may be skipped.

We document these steps each day to determine which students get to attend the PBIS fun day each nine weeks.

Positive Incentives:

  1. Praise and Recognition

  2. Daily Spinner - Students must stay on ready to learn or higher to be eligible for the prize spinner each day.

  3. Ability to earn group and class points towards rewards

  4. PBIS Celebrations

  5. Surprises!!!!

***Homework:  Homework is expected and required.  Your child will have word work homework and math homework each night. Occasionally, other types of homework will be given.  In those cases, some of the regular nightly homework will be taken away so that there is not an overload.  Your child is also expected to read each night either with you or by themselves.

In accordance with helping the students become more independent, getting their planner signed and graded papers in their folder signed are considered part of their homework.  

It is my goal to help my students grow in being responsible, organized and aiming for success.  Please help with this by supporting this behavior plan when awards are earned as well as when consequences are given.  Dealing with successes and failures are an important and sometimes difficult life lesson.