Educational Websites

Educational Websites

The following websites are educational and fun! Please help your child access and utilize these, until he is able to do this independently.

Spelling City
A site for practicing "word wall words," traditionally known as spelling words. Students can spell, play games with, and have quizzes on their weekly words.

A site for phonics and reading practice utilizing books, songs, and games.

Reading is Fundamental
A site that promotes reading.

Phonics Games
A site that targets specific phonics skills using games.

Magnet Letters
A site for making words using word families.

A site with page templates for writing words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Fun Brain
A site with fun games for all subjects.

Kids Know It
A site for fun learning in all subjects.

A site with lots of fun games.

Math Fun
A site for building first grade math skills.

Ask for Kids
A site with a search engine just for kids.

NC Wise Owl
A site designed by North Carolina that a includes a search engine for kids.

Homework Hub
A site designed by Scholastic that gives tips for homework.

A site that has tips for parents and activities for kids. You can also access our classroom Book Order to buy books for your kids.

PBS Kids
A site including fun activities with all your favorite PBS characters.