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W a t e r    C y c l e
Mr. Parr's songs (from YouTube) 
      Water Cycle Song 
W e a t h e r 
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The Magic School Bus - Kicks Up a Storm

Mr. Parr's songs (from YouTube) 
      Drops of Atmosphere 
E v e r g l a d e s 
E c o s y s t e m s   &   B i o m e s
Brain Pop - view videos and read information
Mr. Parr's songs (from YouTube) 
      Abiotic Biotic Song 
      Ecosystems Song 
      Decomposers Song 
      Biome Song 
      My Biome Song 
      Food Chain Song 
      Adaptations Song 
      Symbiosis Song 
Biome information on - Geology for Kids - information on biomes - Biomes fast facts and links to may websites about biomes 
The World's Biomes University of California Museum of Paleontology
World Biomes - links to several great websites about biomes 
      Threatened & Endangered Species Information
       The Nature Conservatory      
       World Wildlife
C e l l s
G e n e t i c s   a n d   H e r e d i t y  
H u m a n   B o d y   S y s t e m s 
Try your hand at some surgery at 
Mr. Parr's songs (from YouTube) 
      Cell Transport Song 
      Digestion Song 
F o r c e s   a n d   M o t i o n
Mr. Parr's songs (from YouTube)
      Motion Song
      Friction Song 
      Law of Gravity Song 
H e a t 
Mr. Parr's Heat Transfer Song 

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