H o m e w o r k
Homework is given Monday - Thursday, and very occasionally some assignments will need to be completed or worked on over the weekend.
Students are responsible for copying their homework into their agenda each day!  It is each student's responsibility to make sure that they have copied their HW from the HW board in my classroom correctly. Parents/guardians are expected to check behind their child to make sure that they have completed their assignments.  Parents/guardians should sign/initial their child's agenda book each night.
Daily homework for a fifth grade student should take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.  (not including long term projects and reading time)

Students should be reading for at least 30 minutes each night.

Homework is expected to be completed, in school, and in class the day that it is due, which is usually the next day.  I will keep accurate records of student homework completion.

Homework should be written neatly and legibly in pencil with a proper heading on loose leaf paper.

Homework is an essential part of learning.  It gives students a chance to further their knowledge and practice the material that is being learned in class.

Students should always do their best work on their homework assignments.  They should always REREAD and check their work carefully!

We will go over math homework assignments the next day in class, and I often will collect science homework assignments to check and grade. 
Most homework should be able to be completed independently by your child, as it will be covering topics and concepts that were taught at school.  Of course, please help and assist your child if/when they have questions/concerns on their assignments.  I encourage you to ask your child about their homework and what they are learning in class. The more they are able to talk about the material they are learning the better!

Encourage your child to keep a neat and organized work space at home - as well as neat and organized materials.
M a t h   H o m e w o r k
Students will have math homework Monday - Thursday.  Math homework will typically be problems from the math textbook or problems on a worksheet.  Students will be required to complete the homework problems NEATLY in their math "work" notebook or on the worksheet, making sure to SHOW ALL OF THEIR WORK!  We will go over math homework the next day in class.  I typically do not collect and grade math homework as it is to practice the math stills that are being taught.  Students will be asked to study their facts (multiplication & division) each night and over the weekends.  Upcoming quizzes or tests will be announced as much in advance as possible. 
S c i e n c e   H o m e w o r k
Students will not have science homework every night.  When students have science homework, it may be to read pages from their textbook, to answer questions on a worksheet, to study vocabulary and/or notes, or to complete a project.  Students are always allowed to bring home their science textbook to reread the material that we have been studying in class.  Science homework (worksheets) will often be collected and graded. 

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