Test Corrections
Test Corrections
After all tests, students are given the opportunity to do test corrections.  If corrections are done on the night they are assigned, turned in on time and all procedures are followed, students will earn points added back onto their grade.  These points are usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of the original point value.  This type of error analysis also helps students clear up misconceptions and target areas that they need to work on.  It allows the student to reflect upon their math skills as well as effort and quality of work.

Test Correction Procedure Requirements

1. Test must be signed by parent.
2. Corrections must be done on a new piece of paper.
3. Students must show their work and have a new corrected answer.
4. Students must mark each problem with one of the following letters to indicate what type of mistake they they made:
C - Careless or lack of effort, such as copying wrong or forgetting something simple
M - Math mistake, such as incorrect calculations
PS - Problem Solving, such as not understanding how to solve the problem 
5. Students must write a sentence beside the corrected problem explaining why they missed it, such as "I didn't add the 2 that I carried when I was adding the tens column" or " I didn't follow the order of operations because I didn't solve the parenthesis first"
6. Test and Test Corrections must be turned in together.

*Parents are welcomed and encouraged to help students with this process, but please make sure that you are helping them understand the math and not just giving them the answers.