Behavior Expectations


This year the 5th grade team is using Class Dojo to build upon skills necessary to being successful in the 21st century such as working hard and participating. We will also use Class Dojo to communicate with you. We can instantly share messages, updates, and photos from class! It is a convenient way for you to see how your child is doing at school.

Students will earn “Positive” points throughout the day for a variety of encouraged behaviors. Students will also lose points if a behavior “Needs Work.” During the first nine weeks, students will work towards obtaining a percentage goal of at least 85% positive. During the second, third, and fourth nine weeks, students will work towards obtaining a percentage goal of at least 90% positive. We are confident your child can meet this behavior expectation and have listed several ways students can earn “Positive” points below. A more detailed list of our classroom expectations and how they can earn “Positive” points is located on the back side. As an added incentive for students to make wise choices, students must maintain an 85% or above on positive dojos to enjoy free play on Fridays at recess. Students with less than 85% will participate in recess in a restricted area.


“Needs Work” (only given after a verbal warning)

Helping Others                       Demonstrating respect

On Task                                  Being prepared


Behaving appropriately in line, in the bathrooms, in specials, in assemblies, and at lunch.

Receiving compliments from other adults “Caught Being Good!”                                         

Disrespect                                     Disturbance in class

Off Task                                        Hands/objects on others

Talking out of turn                        Unprepared

Playing in line or in the bathrooms.

Misbehavior during a safety drill.

PBIS write-up

Office referral (after 3 PBIS write-ups or for severe infractions such as fighting)

We have attached an invitation for you to join ClassDojo to receive prompt notification about your child’s behavior at school. You can simply download the free ClassDojo app on your phone and enter the code OR there is a web address for you to sign up online.

We will use the ClassDojo behavior data to celebrate those students with exceptional behavior. Students will strive to meet the following goals each 9 weeks:      

1st 9 Weeks

2nd, 3rd, 4th 9 Weeks

PBIS Celebration

85-100% positive

90-100% positive

Full time

80-84% positive

80-89% positive

-10 minutes

70-79% positive

70-79% positive

-15 minutes

60-69% positive

60-69% positive

-20 minutes

50-59% positive

50-59% positive

-30 minutes

*Each PBIS write-up -10 minutes

Stay Safe


  • actively listen.

  • sit properly.

  • follow directions quickly.

  • line up in an orderly fashion.

  • Keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

Obey Rules


  • follow all the school and class rules.

  • listen carefully to directions.

  • are polite and use manners.

  • use inside voices.

  • raise our hands for permission to speak or move around the room.

Act Responsibly


  • have all materials (binders, folders, books, and writing materials).

  • keep track of personal items.

  • have self-discipline.

  • stay on task!

  • are on time and ready to learn!

  • turn in assignments on time.

Respect Everyone


  • are always kind.

  • always do our best.

  • are focused and on task.

  • participate in class and group discussions.

  • use time and resources wisely.

It is my goal to help my students grow in being responsible, organized and aiming for success.  Please help with this by supporting this behavior plan when awards are earned as well as when consequences are given.  Dealing with successes and failures are an important and sometimes difficult life lesson.