From the Desk of Our Principal


As we enter the last part of the year and as the weather gets warmer, behaviors tend to increase.  We must maintain our focus on teaching and learning and work hard to abide by the SOAR expectations in all areas of the school.  The staff are working diligently to recognize positive behaviors and are trying to be proactive in dealing with negative behaviors.  We have recently implemented tier 2 of the PBIS framework to address chronic behavior issues.  I highly encourage parents to work with children to teach them how to handle emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment in an appropriate manner.  Help to teach self-control and encourage youngsters to think before they act.  Several strategies that we suggest and use frequently in the school setting are talking it out/using your words (ex. - If a child becomes frustrated while doing homework, talk about what  he/she is feeling, "I feel so frustrated when I do not understand the vocabulary in a story." Talk through this scenario with your child and discuss calm ways to solve the problem.), thinking ahead to prepare students for situations that may be difficult, and teaching calm down strategies (deep breathing, use of a stress ball, writing it down, going for a walk, counting, or drawing a picture of how they are feeling).  Once children are used to these techniques, they will be able to practice them without being reminded.  Through consistent use of behavioral modifications, we can expect a greater degree of success for all children.  It truly is a team effort!!

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